December 26th, 2012

prisoner 1

End-of-the-year thinkings

Yup. It's time for that strange week-between-holidays, the solstice bright-and-dark time when you look back at what you did and didn't do (why are there always more regrets than satisfactions??), and wonder about what's coming. Mortality is becoming harder to deny. My mom spent Christmas in the hospital but will hopefully be home again by New Years. Another (2nd in the same week) snowstorm is due to begin this afternoon/evening. My head is stuffed up enough to cause vertigo; don't tell my doctor if I sneak some pseudophed, okay? And I have been thinking about those inevitable New Years Resolutions.

Do more: more writing, more hiking, more geocaching, more FUN. Get more organized. Declutter (which means scruffling out the old review copies and tickler files and notes for things I really don't ever intend to work on, out-dated research which has moved with me 3x time and still not been used, etc).

Christmas passed in a relaxed fashion yesterday. I did not do any caching, due to the headcold. Instead, I shoveled the 4" of snow from the previous night out of the driveway and took a walk around the neighborhood. We have been watching the Lord of the Rings film. I -still-have not seen all the way through to the end. I always fall sleep (or go to bed, which amounts to the same thing) about 1/2 way through the 2nd film (started the movie at 8pm may have something to do with this; the darned things are about 2.5-3hrs long, after all), and even earlier in the 3rd. Tonight/this afternoon hopefully I will make it through the third and then I can say I have done so. Not that this is a grand achievement or anything even close...

So. Moving on. Trying to do the morning pages, working on the book, struggling with the Tachyon PR. Thinking about the changes I need to make. Same as every year. Starting off in 2013, looking for the brightness and the hope of another fresh start (which, really, one could make any time; the calender just provides an easy metric)

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to one and all!