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Before we moved away from Rochester, a friend there convinced me to get an Facebook account to keep in touch, because "no one uses LiveJournal"-- which I know is patently NOT TRUE. But still, I have been a poor correspondent here.

re: Hurricane Sandy-- no problems here. Hope everyone else is safe, has power (or will have soon) and suffered minimal damage from the storm.

Urchin is home from school again. He missed school on Tuesday, then seemed to have the cough under control on Wednesday, but it was back this morning and triply fierce. Meds and tea w/ honey have got it nailed down again, finally. Fortunately he'd brought home the books he needed to do the homework he missed on Tuesday. I am prodding him to get things done between my own assignments.

Last night we were invited to trick-or-treat with school friends in one of the newer, posher neighborhoods nearby--Turns out it's full of GIANT proto-McMansions with those atruim-style entry ways, where you hike up the driveway and down the l-o-n-g landscaped walk to the spotlit front door.

Some gave out "real" size candy bars, not the minis. But -- none of the houses were memorable. The neighborhood felt sterile, like a false front movie set, without decorations. We didn't see a single fake tombstone or bed sheet "ghost" in a tree". They remembered to buy the candy, but they seem to have forgotten their holiday spirit. Urchin loved running around in a big gang (one vampire, one vampire hunter {urchin}, 2 Sherlock Holmes (!!), one mummy, 3 skeletons, one soldier-type), but we agreed it wasn't the warmest place to trick-or-treat.
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