stale_hermit (stale_hermit) wrote,

Monday things & Stuff

(Because I'm supposed to be getting this stupid story cleaned up and ready to go out-- but instead I'm being cowardly and, after 45 min of working on it, skipping out to go mess around over here...)

That being said, there was a weekend. I got out for two quick caches not far from home. Not in very pleasant surroundings: weedy, briary, beer party spots along Limestone Creek, where I got stabbed by thorns and rained on--not that I mind the rain in warm weather. And it was windy, so the bugs had no way to get a grip.

Soccer and a sort of track thing have started for the urchin. He doesn't really know the positions, and needs to get up to speed in other ways as well, but he's trying and that's the good of it, no matter what.

Okay, enough messing around. Back to that damn story which seems to be on the edge of being publishable with the right editor, but STILL doesn't quite seem to work. I hate when that happens.
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