stale_hermit (stale_hermit) wrote,

In other news

I bought myself a CD version of the original Star Wars soundtrack (the music of the FIRST film, which Hollywood and GL have taken to calling #4; but frankly, let's just pretend that official {and officially awful} films #1,2,and 3 never happened, okay?) as a birthday present.

This, because I no longer have a turntable so I can't play the 2 LP album I got for my birthday lo these many years ago. The album I STILL have--and maybe I will buy a turntable again someday. I hear you can get them with USB ports to upload music to the PC. Hmmm....

Otherwise, I will someday have to get an MP3 player, because I can't afford any Maynard Ferguson CDs, and I am seriously dying to hear him again... "Give it One" has been a low level earwurm for at least 3 wks now. The really, really fast, rip-it-up-and-sprint-all-out-for-it version. And no, thin pc sound over YouTube stills does not cut it.

Saturday is Star Wars day, Amazon promises. I am looking forward to it.
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