stale_hermit (stale_hermit) wrote,

Today we think about pens--- and pen reviewers.

Pink? Purple? Skinny? Aren't those cheap little stick pens already too skinny? (Says the person who uses those foam pencil holder thingees for the occasional stick pen as well as pencils)

Hey, Bic-- here's the finish on my current favorite pen (though the picture shows the ft pen version; I have a ball pt.): a Conklin "Crescent".

And my favorite Pelikan, a M400 fountain pen in "honey":

And my favorite roller ball, the "Homer Rain" from Acme:

You see any pink or purple there?

Didn't think so.

I think I'm suddenly obsessed with pens online because my birthday is coming up. It's a big one. And I haven't bought a new pen since....well, a while. So maybe it's time to start looking around for one.
Tags: pen-porn, rant
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