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Just dusting....

So I dug out an old trunk story and it actually sold someplace: Sword and Sorcery Magazine , a tiny little online mag. Considering the story ("Corbane's Wish") had been Everywhere, long ago, and actually had been accepted twice (MZB, and then an MZB planned anthology, each of which went belly-up before payment or publication), it's nice to see that something I excavated from the heap is still saleble, after a fashion. I'm counting this as an egoboo. Story should be up within the next few days.

Upper 80s all week this week. Nasty at times. We could really use some rain, and I could really use some time with people out of the house. Spouse last-minute (like, Monday 7/2?) told me he was taking Thurs and Friday off. Whee. Of course I was already scheduled out the whazoo with work, and more piled down today. I think I'm slated for about 8 reviews this month, so far. Ugh.

But then spouse came down with a sore throat, almost-laryngitis, and a cold. I seem to have a milder form of it. So we haven't gone anywhere anyway.

Have I said how much I love my box fan?

Actually, the house has central air (everywhere but one bathroom upstairs where the vent seems to be blocked-must get that checked out!) but we are rightfully still very cheap and keeping the temp around 74 indoors. Still, heavenly compared to what it could be.

Writing continues. I am muddled about a peripheral character who may or may not be integral to a plot twist later on. I guess I should just leave him alone and let the back-brain do its work and see what happens with him.

I would really love a nice thunderstorm right now, to break the heat. No real rain since before school ended (at least 3 wks).

BTW, Happy Higgs Day to the hard-working folks at CERN. (Remember, keep the beer bottles and brie away from the beam line.) Symmetry ho!

Stay cool, people.
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